Monday, July 31, 2006


I am on vacation in Las Vegas and California update later

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Woeful Wednesday

Okay so now I know why they call Wednesday Hump day...It was really hard to work tonite. I missed knitting and it was darn busy on the phones too at work.

Yesterday Angela and I went to NYC.

We stopped at Purl in SoHo and checked out the new Purl Patchwork store just down two doors. Stopped at the Sullivan St Bakery and then Zabars before coming home.

Today before work, I went to Jim and Willies Two Guys Flowers on Stinson in NE Minneapolis to buy flowers. They had a new puppy Rose so I asked where is the cat? (they have a cat that roams and lives in the store) They said Jims cat has had kittens do you want to see them? Well of course I said yes and guess what? There was one that is all black just like Alice. Actually he has 3 all black kitties and 4 grey tabbies, just 4 weeks old and so cute...When I got home and put the flowers on the entertainment center as usual I had help....

Mom I am just arranging them better really

I am thinking Jeanne maybe right that Boo needs a playmate. So maybe in a few weeks I will go back and check those kitties out.

What is exactly do you mean check them out, Mom?