Thursday, August 24, 2006

State Fair Results

For as long as I have entered at the fair, I have never been able to figure out the judges. First Jeanne, entered the Wobbly Tote and got third place, but not in the felted bag category in some knitted dress category. I took a fourth place for my pink skater hat, it was a last minute decision to enter it and so that was okay.

When I get my entries back I will share some of the judges comments. They are always interesting, as sometimes they make no sense and many times are critical of color selection. I was really hoping my Fair Isle bag would have won something but no such luck. As I say every year there is always next year...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Red Sock Knit Along Sign Ups and some miscellaneous things

I created a blog for the knit along. Please send me an email at post a comment to join. Please include your email address, your blog address if you have one and why you knit socks.

The random Boo Generator for the winner of my contest is being run as you read this.........

and the winner is


and in honor of having Ducky with us I added one more winner, although Ducky technique for choosing a winner was different than Boo's. She dumped them out of the bowl picked up the paper ran with it and threw it around, then spit it out. (unfortunately the camera is not here so pictures will come later)

and Ducky's winner is

The Knit Wit
If Jodi and the Knit Wit would contact me with their snail mail addresses I will send out the prizes.

Here is a picture of my State Fair entries:
a simple hat,
a baby sweater,
a felted fair isle bag
a pair of socks what else!

Finally here is a picture of the bag and goodies for my KSKS partner

The Bag

and the goodies

Hope she likes it!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday and Boo has a house guest

Thanks for all the comments remember you have until midnite on the 15th, I have a great idea for picking the winner and Boo of course will help me.

This is Ducky one of the gran cats and he is going to come and stay with us while his Mom Megan is in training for the TSA and starting school at the same time.

I see Jeanne put pictures up of her state fair entries. Mine will be posted soon. I have a felted bag, a baby sweater, two pairs of socks and a hat, and maybe a felted bowl.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

KSKS and Yarn Aboard II

I have been busy dying yarn and deciding which other yarns to send to my knit sock kit swap partner and my Yarn Aboard II partner. Some of the above will be going to both along with some other goodies.

Small Contest:

What do you get a knitter that has everything?

I will enter the names of anyone who posts a comment by midnite on 15Aug to this post in a random drawing for a surprise prize.

Thats all for tonite and Boo says Hello to all!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Vacation is Over

As most of you know, I work for Northwest Airlines. The flight attendants did not pass their contract, I decided it was wise to come home a day earlier than planned in hopes of avoiding a CHAOS manuever and I don't mean Chris' cat. So I am back and already missing...

The wonderful California weather and Monterey Bay

Colin, my great nephew

Eric, his older brother

We went to Las Vegas for two days and just did nothing. We sat by the pool, and yes it was over 100 degrees but no humidity. Gambled a little bit, it is amazing how long $5 lasts on a penny slot.

Then we flew to San Jose very early on Friday am. We drove to Big Sur that nite and had dinner at the Big Sur Roadhouse. It is owned by a friend's daughter and she is one great chef.

Then on Saturday, we went to the San Jose Giants game for the 1st Annual Stitch and Pitch nite. Funny thing we couldn't find the knitters section, but had a good time anyway.

Sunday, it was back to Monterey with the boys and a stop at Dennis the Menace Park

Eric, Colin and their dad Jeff in an old engine at the park

And you know it wouldn't be complete without Boo....

My mom is home and I am glad, Megan brought those gran cats over and they drove me crazy

Finally I hope to have the red sock knit along sign ups ready around the 15th of this month.