Monday, November 22, 2010

Wembley England

Good Morning from London!

I arrived safely and soundly, actually a really nice flight over but as usual didn't sleep much on the plane.

My first day was spent getting to the hotel, checking in unpacking, a really short nap and then dinner and bed.

Sunday the second day was spent walking. I went to the Sunday Market at Wembley stadium and took a wrong turn coming out. Needless to say I walked all the way around the stadium and was farther from the hotel than I needed to be. But the weather was good and a nice walk never hurts. In the afternoon I took a bus to Brent Cross to buy a few supplies shampoo etc...

Watched American football with a British Commenator, it was an interesting game, the terminology was different than we use and it was not the Vikings! it was the Jets and the Oilers!

Today off to the Air France office to work. More later this week....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Off to London

At the suggestion of my niece I am going to try to blog while I am in London. After I finally finished school it only took 30 + years, and came through the largest airline merger in the world, I might finally have time for this again.

I am travelling to London for my job at Delta Airlines. I will be working as a support person in the Air France office for a month. No promises about how much I will post but I will try to at least every few days.

Watch for an update this weekend from Jolly old England !