Thursday, March 30, 2006

Knitting Retreats

Yes it is a picture of a church, well actually the chapel from St Francis Convent and Retreat center in Little Falls where last weekend we had a great time at the Spring Knitting Retreat.

We had lots of food, fun and quality knitting was done by all attendees.

Here is a picture of Deb wearing part of her white elephant gift that she got from Paula.

Let me explain, the white elephant exchange is really a good way to get rid of yarn you don't want or leftovers from a project. Or in Deb's case a mobieus that Paula passed on to her.

Then on sunday back to reality and work. It has been really busy at work and I even worked an extra nite on Wednesday.

and here it is finally the Skater Hat made from Kraemer Yarns Lehigh Valley cotton Little Pebbles.

Soon to come the pattern as soon as I can get it into pdf format.

Monday, March 20, 2006

I Gave Up

I was trying so hard not to start another pair of socks before I finished two of the three I have on the needles, but that Ellen's Half Pint farm kept calling out "knit me" So I did! I gave in and started a pair the yarn is wonderful to knit with I wonder how the wool/tencel blend will wear.

Here is something I did finish another sweater for Alice. She has more sweaters than any cat I know and wears them all extremely well.

and to keep peace in the family here is a picture of Boo.

I went to Fort Wayne, Indiana Yesterday to have lunch with Megan and take her shopping for her Birthday. The weather was beautiful high 60's but Fort Wayne is still not my favorite town.

This weekend I am going to St Francis Retreat Center for a knitting retreat I hope it goes well.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Tail of Winding Yarn

Boo just loves to help me knit. He either sits on my lap or next to me, but his favorite part of knitting is winding yarn. He gets so excited when he sees the swift and ball winder come out. I used to use my two kitchen chairs one for the swift one for the winder and he would lay between the two and watch the process. When my mom passed away in April,I was gifted with a refinished library table, that had been my grandparents. Lo and behold it is the right length to put the swift on one end and the winder on the other. This creates one minor problem:

Boo can get right in the middle of the swift and help out, like adjusting the position of the yarn and even when necessary with his teeth. Maybe he was just test tasting to make sure the quality was good, like you would with a fine wine.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brother and Sister

Who would think that Jeannes cat Pud and my cat Boo are brother and sister...Take a look. Do they look alike? This is Jeanne's cat Aja/Pud

and here is Boo Radley her brother

I see little family resemblance accept for the face shape and eyes.

So back to knitting I am currently finishing up a peach colored sweater for Alice. She is still doing okay just sleeps more and eats less. She has become a little arthiritic in her hind legs so some days getting downstairs is a little hard so we carry her.
Lastly here is my newest great nephew Colin he is just a doll and looks like a miniature of my dad.

and so he doesn't feel left out here is his big brother Eric at the Beach

Friday, March 03, 2006

Finished Projects

Ta Da the gold medal has made it to my blog not exactly where I would like it, but it is here.

I still haven't decided what to do next so I am just finishing UFO's. I finished Alice's lime green sweater and Jeanne at knitting said it was really bright. Yes, it is neon lets just call her the safety cat.

I also finished a felted fair isle bag and am awaiting felting and need to find some leather handles for it.

Finally, here is the founder and production manager of Alicat Knitting Designs hard at work.