Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brother and Sister

Who would think that Jeannes cat Pud and my cat Boo are brother and sister...Take a look. Do they look alike? This is Jeanne's cat Aja/Pud

and here is Boo Radley her brother

I see little family resemblance accept for the face shape and eyes.

So back to knitting I am currently finishing up a peach colored sweater for Alice. She is still doing okay just sleeps more and eats less. She has become a little arthiritic in her hind legs so some days getting downstairs is a little hard so we carry her.
Lastly here is my newest great nephew Colin he is just a doll and looks like a miniature of my dad.

and so he doesn't feel left out here is his big brother Eric at the Beach

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Chris said...

I still find it hard to believe those cats are related... Cute kids!