Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ok so here is my wonderful knitting companion Boo studiously trying to decide how to pick up that skein and run with it.

In case you can't tell ...I love my cats!

So for knitting content I finished two classes today at All About Yarn. It was so nice to have students who finished their socks. Next class is Lets Talk Socks: Heels, Toes and Ribbings at All About Yarn and Minnesota Knitters Guild Yarn Over in April.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sock Olympics and Cats

So here are pictures of Boo Radley and Alice Cooper. Boo is lounging which for him is a rare occurence, and Alice is modeling her new sweater .

Well I have decided to wait and see what the six socks KAL sock is for February before I decide which sock pattern to do for the Olympics. Currently working on another sweater for Alice. She really does like them now that she is used to them. However I did not know that if you lick fixation enough (alice does that when she is taking a bath) it eventually looks like mohair.

Enough already about the cats. Once I figure out how to download pictures and links I will download add some links to my favorite sock sites.


Sunday, January 29, 2006

sock knitting olympics

Hello from Minnesota where it is finally snowing. Today I am signing up to be on the USA Sock Team for the Knitting Olympics. I have some beautiful mohair and merino blend yarn from Denmark that I will use for my socks. Other things I am working on are another sweater for my cat, she is around 20 yrs old and has a tumor on her shoulder. The tumor has caused her to lose her fur in that spot so I have made her two sweaters from fixation and working on a third. She actually seems to like wearing them. I will post more details and some pictures of Alice in her sweater later.