Monday, October 30, 2006

Sir Francis Drake came for a visit

October must be my lucky month I received packages from all the swaps I am involved with plus my Yarn Aboard Box came.

And here are the goodies inside from Julie in Maine.

She sent me lots of good things from Maine. Brownie Mix, Maine Berry Tea and an infuser, a mug with scenes of Maine on it, 2 skeins of Jawoll sock yarn and one Cherry Tree Hill Sock Yarn and a post card with a picture of a friends Lobster shack.

Thanks Julie it was a nice surprise on a dreary Minnesota Day. Sir Francis is packing up and getting ready to head south.

On other news

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!!!Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sockret Pal Strikes again

So again all I am doing is working, working and more working.

But I did come home today to find this nice little fun package in my mail box. A bag of Halloween Treats and a cute little white tape measure to match my little black one from the Knitters Tea Swap.

Last weekend was my sorority from College Beta of Clovia's Semi Annual Bazaar and I managed to finish a few scarves and this very cute pumpkin hat.

Also the kitties have a new house, it was supposed to be Ducky's Birthday present she will be one on Halloween but as you can see Boo has taken it over.

Look what I got for My Birthday

If she thinks she is keeping this house to herself

Good news about Boo he had some black spots on his nose and the vet we saw in the spring said it could be pre cancerous, but it isn't. Boo was not feeling well, breathing heavy, not eating and throwing up, so of course I thought the worst and took him to the vet. Dr Hansen said he doesn't have cancer, but has freckles and an upper respiratory sinus infectin so he is on Amoxicillian. He seems to be much better today as you can see

Just checking out the package Mom and it passes the sniff test

Friday, October 13, 2006

KTS2 Package arrived

My KTS2 package arrived today in the mail what a wonderful surprise to get on Friday the 13th.

Here are the goodies see my post at Knitters Tea Swap 2 for full details.

Thanks Kathy for the perfect package!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Weekly Update

I seem to be managing about a post a week with all the time I have been spending at work, so here goes...

Finally, had two days off in a row, so we took advantage of it and headed to Duluth for the weekend with friends. It was beautiful, warm and sunny and had a great time. We drove to the French River and watch the Kamloops salmon or maybe pink salmon swim and jump in this little stream that feeds into Lake Superior.

Sunset over Lake Superior

Checked out both Yarn Shops one in Two Harbors and the other in Duluth. Playing with Yarn in Two Harbors was first, I had a nice visit with Judy the owner and Winnie her Yorkie. Yarn Harbor has one of the best selections of Dale yarn I have seen and it is a nice store.

Monday my sister from California stopped over nite on her way to Harmony Minnesota to go to an Austins Angora goats and Mohair farm. She really came for her nursing school reunion and this is just a little side trip.

I finished my scarf for the Red Scarf Project

Red scarf with hat for the Red Scarf Project

I used a yarn called Magnum from Borealis Yarns in St Paul, it was a wool and acrylic blend and nice and soft to knit with. I used a twisted stitch pattern and am really pleased with the results, I had a little left over so I made a matching hat.

And today my Sockret pal package arrived!!!!!!!!!!!

The kit contained two skeins of Southwest Trading Company Karoake and a great hat pattern and a really cute sheep card.

But for closing a picture of my kitties

It's a standoff and the winner is.....

to be continued