Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Hello from Singapore

It was a long flight and I tried not to sleep to avoid Jet Lag. I arrived on Sunday in the middle of the nite and was met by a car at the airport. Went to the apartment with the most beautiful pool and slept for about 3 hours. Then I got up and started my adventures by meeting with a group of Singapore knitters. Pictures will come when I get home. One of the knitters was from Roseville Mn and teaches at the International School here.....
all of that happened a week ago and all I have been doing in between until this past weekend is working....Saturday my husband came and we spent the day familarizing ourselves with the local MRT system as all I know how to do is get to work, then we went to dinner at an Indonesian Restaurant and Sunday I met again with the Singapore knitting group. They gave me some really beautiful self striping yarn as a gift. Then back to work on Monday while Bob is out having fun....see you all soon

Monday, April 09, 2007

So now it is April

I thought I should post before April goes away.

I have been really busy getting a training manual written, finishing up my training and organizing my life before I go to Singapore.

Yes, I did attend the Yarn Harlot gathering at William Mitchell. Funny thing she remembered me from California. Who would of thought she would remember anyone, after all the knitters she meets. Her talk was just as good here as it was there and while I waited in line to get my book signed I won a door prize. It was...a toe up sock pattern, now how perfect is that? Thank You Yarnery for sponsoring such a fun evening.

I also hosted a rescheduled retreat at the end of March and it was cold and rainy so perfect weather to be inside with your good friends.

Currently I am knitting C3 from Knitty and some socks out of Lucy Neatby's Celestial Merino yarn. I can't wait to see the yarn available in Singapore.