Monday, January 30, 2006

Sock Olympics and Cats

So here are pictures of Boo Radley and Alice Cooper. Boo is lounging which for him is a rare occurence, and Alice is modeling her new sweater .

Well I have decided to wait and see what the six socks KAL sock is for February before I decide which sock pattern to do for the Olympics. Currently working on another sweater for Alice. She really does like them now that she is used to them. However I did not know that if you lick fixation enough (alice does that when she is taking a bath) it eventually looks like mohair.

Enough already about the cats. Once I figure out how to download pictures and links I will download add some links to my favorite sock sites.



Jeanne said...

That is the first picture of Boo I have seen in awhile. He and Aja have the same face shape, but that is where the similarities end. Alice is very cute in her sweater. I had apparently spaced yesterday....when Bugsy first got sick, I was cutting the bottoms off of cheap baby onesies (size large, for the record, Alice might need medium) to try and prevent him from scratching wounds into in sides. The t-shirts helped, but then he started peeing on things so I guess I won't be knitting him any sweaters when he's older.

Chris said...

Hi Louise!! I love that Alice will wear sweaters that you knit her. She looks awfully cute in that picture!

Oh, the flashback to Bugs in his wifebeaters...