Monday, March 20, 2006

I Gave Up

I was trying so hard not to start another pair of socks before I finished two of the three I have on the needles, but that Ellen's Half Pint farm kept calling out "knit me" So I did! I gave in and started a pair the yarn is wonderful to knit with I wonder how the wool/tencel blend will wear.

Here is something I did finish another sweater for Alice. She has more sweaters than any cat I know and wears them all extremely well.

and to keep peace in the family here is a picture of Boo.

I went to Fort Wayne, Indiana Yesterday to have lunch with Megan and take her shopping for her Birthday. The weather was beautiful high 60's but Fort Wayne is still not my favorite town.

This weekend I am going to St Francis Retreat Center for a knitting retreat I hope it goes well.

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Chris said...

Alice looks lovely in her new sweater. Have fun at the retreat!