Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Tail of Winding Yarn

Boo just loves to help me knit. He either sits on my lap or next to me, but his favorite part of knitting is winding yarn. He gets so excited when he sees the swift and ball winder come out. I used to use my two kitchen chairs one for the swift one for the winder and he would lay between the two and watch the process. When my mom passed away in April,I was gifted with a refinished library table, that had been my grandparents. Lo and behold it is the right length to put the swift on one end and the winder on the other. This creates one minor problem:

Boo can get right in the middle of the swift and help out, like adjusting the position of the yarn and even when necessary with his teeth. Maybe he was just test tasting to make sure the quality was good, like you would with a fine wine.


Chris said...

But not so fun winding yarn with cat spit on it... :) I put the swift on one arm of my comfy chair and the ball winder on the other. Chaos will sit on the ottoman and watch for a while, then lie down on the chair and fall asleep. That really surprises me!

Jeanne said...

That Boo...always trying to be helpful! However did you manage to get any knitting done before his arrival?