Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Red Sock Knit Along Sign Ups and some miscellaneous things

I created a blog for the knit along. Please send me an email at post a comment to join. Please include your email address, your blog address if you have one and why you knit socks.

The random Boo Generator for the winner of my contest is being run as you read this.........

and the winner is


and in honor of having Ducky with us I added one more winner, although Ducky technique for choosing a winner was different than Boo's. She dumped them out of the bowl picked up the paper ran with it and threw it around, then spit it out. (unfortunately the camera is not here so pictures will come later)

and Ducky's winner is

The Knit Wit
If Jodi and the Knit Wit would contact me with their snail mail addresses I will send out the prizes.

Here is a picture of my State Fair entries:
a simple hat,
a baby sweater,
a felted fair isle bag
a pair of socks what else!

Finally here is a picture of the bag and goodies for my KSKS partner

The Bag

and the goodies

Hope she likes it!


Chris said...

Congrats to Jodi and Kelly (aka Just a Knit Wit)! Looks like your KSKS pal is going to get a very cool bag indeed.

The Knit Wit said...

Very cute bag. I love the stripes and the colors.

I e-mailed you my info to the addy on your profile.