Tuesday, November 21, 2006

November is almost gone...

I am again working and working and more working. So many things to finish before Christmas and when I looked at the calendar today I realized YIKES November is almost gone!!!!!!!!!!!

I just have to knit more and work less....

So an update on my knitting projects, I finished a pair of socks, almost have a second pair done, I turned the heels and am trying to decide what to do on the cuff. For both of these I used Lily Chin's short row heels. There seemed to be some missing directions, as I could not figure out how to do the second set of wraps to turn the heel. It appears I was reading them too fast...So I missed some important parts. It appears however that Jeanne and Kate and a few other knitters also read them too fast as none of us understood what to do after the first row of wraps, to get the heel to turn. So finally one night when no one else was home, I got out a sticky note and went through them line by line...Finally the light dawned on how she did the second set of wraps and I got the heel to work out. It really is a nice heel and I really do like it, now I am in the process of rewriting the directions so the normal knitter will understand and hope to post them here soon.

Update on Boo and Ducky still hanging out together...They are true soul mates.

I will post pictures later this week when I get my camera back.

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Chris said...

Where the heck did November go, anyway?! Glad the fur kids are getting along so well. :)