Wednesday, June 21, 2006

NO KNITTING and Trashy neighbors

I went to the orthopedic specialist today and she said I have arthiritis and tennis elbow in my right arm. She then said the best treatment would be a cortisone shot and no knitting for 6 weeks. I balked and so we compromised. An hour of knitting a day and physical therapy and Glucosamine chondrotin msm, for 4 weeks then we reevaluate the elbow. She also looked at my left knee, which in 2000 I had arthroscopic surgery and told me I have a knee cap that doesn't fit like it should, it leans to the right and very little if any cartilage left. So I get to get orthotics for my shoes and some exercises for my knee and in 15yrs a new knee. As I told someone it isn't easy getting old.

This is the view from my kitchen window after the city of St Paul sent someone out about a month ago to clean this guys yard. It was clean too and then some people moved in with him and they started some kind of scrap metal business out of his garage and the mess is back. We again have called the city so we will see what happens.

I don't think I am any tanner than I was before the sunlamp so maybe I will just sleep today


Chris said...

Oh, bummer about the elbow and knee!! No knitting for 6 weeks - glad you worked a compromise there.

Kelly said...

Those knees and elbows really can make life a struggle. Also, I just can't believe how messy your neighbors are, :(.

Jeanne said...

Pity about the elbow and the knee. I am thankful, however, to not be the only one with trashy neighbors.

trek said...

Oh dear - take care of that elbow@ And do not knit more than an hour - it will only make the recovery that much longer.

PS - We have a neighbor a few houses down that makes yours look like the Emily Post of yard care.