Friday, June 30, 2006


Hello I have been limiting my knitting to less than the Dr requested and my shoulder does feel better.(darn I hate when Dr are right). So instead of knitting I have been in a crocheting frenzy...of potholders pictures to come later.

The gran cats were here at my house again. Baby no longer cries like one now she just growls. She is so cute she growls when she eats when you walk by when Boo comes by she growls at anything and everything.

ducky taking a bath

But now Ducky and Baby are moved into the new apartment and loving it. It is in an old (1920'S or earlier era building) by the Parkview Cafe on Raymond and it is a big 3 room studio, no doors on any of the rooms inside the apartment. But it has great hardwood floors just perfect for two little kitties to run and slide to catch toys on.

Boo is glad to be a bachelor again the little ones just wore him out

Just leave me alone I am so exhausted from the kittens and helping mom clean the fridge


Jeanne said...

Boo really needs a friend so that those kittens don't make him so tired when they visit.

Chris said...

Aw, Ducky is so cute! Poor exhausted Boo. :)

I'm glad to hear your shoulder is feeling better!