Monday, February 05, 2007

Random Cat Generator

The random cat generator has a cold so was moving kind of slow, but at last results.

Ducky who is my cat that loves crumpled paper had her choice of 9 correct answers and chose Julie. The funny thing is Julie was my partner for the first swap I ever did the Knitters Tea Swap I. BUT to prove it was legitmate here are some pictures of Ducky in action.

The names waiting for the cat generator to appear

Ducky and her supervisor Boo checking them out

Finally, she has made her choice you can see it in her paws

So Julie from Maine if you send your Address to me I will send out your prize.

Other news, I have been knitting on sockret pal socks and I have been knitting on mittens and half mittens ...Pictures to follow of the mittens my memory card on my camera seems to be full.


Chris said...

Congrats, Julie!!! I love the random cat generator...

Anonymous said...

Love the random cat generator! Especially because I think I am the Julie you mean, but I was your partner in Yarn Aboard, not the Tea Swap, so I may be wrong. I don't see your e-mail address on your blog; mine is

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Haha, love the random cat generator! I'd try that, but I don't think my cats would cooperate. But there's always catnip.

Congrats Julie!! :)

Susan said...

I LOVE this idea!
(And I loved meeting you here in Singapore last Sunday.)