Wednesday, March 21, 2007

IS it March already

I have been so busy since the last post that until someone pointed out to me that it had been over 6 weeks I did not realize. So lets get up to speed...On January 29 I started a training for a newly created department at Northwest. It involves about 12 weeks of training, I am just finishing up week 8. I am learning how to price and ticket reservations,in addition to my old job functions and also WorldPerks functions. Besides that I am helping to edit and write training manuals for my previous position and they will be used to train the new agents in our Singapore office. The big news I am in the end of April traveling to Singapore to train the new agents for 2 weeks. I can hardly wait to see a part of the world I have not seen.

So on to knitting I finished my son's Garter Stitch Beanie from Never Knit your Man a Sweater

I made a flying trip out to see my sister and attend Stitches West the last weekend in February, and I do mean flying out on Friday night to San Jose and home on the red eye on Sunday morning. We took an all day sock class from Lucy Neatby and shopped the market. While at the market I met Lu
she was my spoiler for Sockret Pal. Although, I confess I knew who she was before because Full Thread Ahead is one of the stores my sister and I go to when I am in California. Visit the link to see the picture of us together and the wonderful socks she made me.

So what did I buy at stitches? No Socks that Rock, the booth was completely out of sock yarn by time we got there, I did pick up some of Cookie's Patterns and some
Lisa Souza yarn, some Ellen's Half Pint Yarn, a skein of Opal Huntwasser and cashmere and merino blend sock yarn from JoJoLand Yarns of Texas. It was a great buy at $10.00 per skein and oh so soft to touch. Of which I took no pictures sorry...

I also delivered this sweater to Colin

Colin is my great nephew and has decided that hats are sister (his grandma) made him this hat and it reminds me of an old mechanics hat my dad used to wear. Colin is just too cute for words.

So since I have been back from California I finished my Sockret Pal's socks

I have not really been doing much else, maybe next time I will be posting from Singapore.


Chris said...

Wow, Singapore?? My dye-o-rama buddy lives in Singapore.

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

You've been busy! Enjoy your trip to Singapore. I'm not sure if I emailed you, but thank you so much for the prize yarn! :)

Jen said...

What a cutie that Colin is!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a great-nephew named Colin, too!

Are all Colin's so cute you just want to gobble them up? :)

Lois said...

hi Louise,

i dun think we have 29 LYS in singapore, hence online yarn shopping is what i turned to. anyway, you can still try looking out for japanese yarns.

the local knitters hang out at the msg boards > perheps you can get more info there. so far i have welcomed several knitters from different parts of the world.

talk to you again.

Kari said...

The hat, socks and the sweater all look very nice. :-)