Wednesday, June 06, 2007 been tagged

Adrienne from Singapore tagged me....First time being tagged so here goes

7 random things about me

1) I don't care for 99% of the dogs I meet the two exceptions are Charlie and Sam Bono

2)I have always had a cat or two, when I was little we had around 10 in our backyard but they were not allowed inside the house.

3) I love dark chocolate.

4) My least favorite color is purple. My favorite color is red.

5) I have quit biting my nails with the help of some acrylic ones while some grow out.

6) I live in a 625 square foot house with one child, my husband and 3 cats.

7) I don't play any instruments but used to sing with a gospel group at church

I am tagging

Christie P of Ghostknitter
Chris of Stumbling over Chaos
Kathy in DC

I am waiting for pictures of Singapore from my friend Robin then I will post some more about that.


Chris said...

Mmmm... dark chocolate. I still can't believe that my condo has a bit more square footage than your house! Yikes.

Thanks for the tag - but I (or actually Mayhem) did this a few weeks ago.

Debra said...

ahh... which Deb? Stumbling Over Chaos or me? :)

Jeanne said...

I'm always amazed when you tell me the size of your house. I can't imaging raising two kids there!

dobarah said...

Oh boy, dark chocolate is another thing we have in common...but as I'm not certain of how to best send you this chocolate...well, I'll have to solve this problem! (Your KTS3 partner)

Lois said...

i love the dark chocolates too. glad to see you are back home. see you real soon!