Thursday, May 17, 2007

Boo and the girls

Well while I was in Singapore Megan and Baby (ducky's sister) moved home so I thought I would share a picture of Boo with his girls

Most of the time they fight growling hissing and howling but this one time I caught them in the lie. They really do get along.


Jeanne said...

Boo has a harem! I'm sure they all sleep together all the time when no one is around to see it happen.

Chris said...

Ha! Those kitties are sneaky about liking each other, aren't they?? Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful!

Michelle L. said...

Very cute!

So, how did you make it on that long flight and no knitting?

Kathy in DC said...

Hi, Louise,
Thanks for the visit and comment on my blog. Yes, Boo still has a cyber-twin, Truffle. :) Truffle, like Boo, has a new house-mate, Deca (I don't know how to put in an accent mark on this keyboard, but it goes over the "e", and its like the word for French decaf coffee, "De-ca". Anyway, she is a LOVE. She was starving outside a number of months ago, when it was cold. We took her in, and instead of finding her a good home, it looks like we are keeping her. BUT. None of our animals (the two cats and one dog) gets along with any of the others. It's a nightmare. Any suggestions???? WOW. If Deca were an only cat she would be the BEST pet ever. Truffle goes in to get a sedated shave-down (Lion Cut) tomorrow. TOOOOO hot for his fluffy self, and getting a mat or two on his tummy. It's time. Hope you and Boo and all his girls are doing well. I check your blog, too. Singapore must be the place to be--I know of several people who have and are going there right now. Maybe you'll post more about that. I'll try to post Paris, too. It was "heaven". Happy knitting!