Tuesday, May 08, 2007

still in Singapore

Hello from Singapore!

Yes, I am still here and will be back this weekend to post pictures and some updates.

Work has kept me busy but I have managed to find 2 yarn stores, I wanted to go to a third but am running out of time.

While I was gone Boo gained a roommate Baby, Ducky's sister and also Megan moved home. Bob says the house is covered in cat hair but they are all getting along. Baby has taken over the cat house and growls when Ducky tries to go in with her.

What can I say about Singapore...will I come back. Yes possibly for work in September but also maybe on vacation or holiday as they say here. The city and people are wonderful, safe and clean. The food is exceptional I have had food cooked in Banana Leaves, Curries, Chili Crabs and so much more. Today is multicultural day at work and it is a festival of all the nationalities employed here, so lots of variety of foods to try. yarn stores not many but the Singapore Knitters are a great group and adopted me as a member see Lois' blog www.peesnkays.blogspot.com for a picture of the group.

See you soon!!!!!!!!!!


Chris said...

Sounds like a fabulous place! Looking forward to your pictures.

Jeanne said...

I'm glad you hear you had some down time...all work would have been no fun at all. We'll be glad to have you back.