Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Knitting and School

So in my last post I told you I was going back to school, well this is week 3 and I am still hanging in there. I am taking College Writing Online, and it is a challenge. The class meets once a week in a chat room and talks and then I have assignments to complete as well. The class is accelerated which means 12 weeks squished into 6. I forgot how hard school is, the good part I go to school at Panera and then get to knit afterwards with my Weds Nite Knit Friends.

Today I got my syllabus for my co hort, it made it seem so much more real. It lays out all the classes and says I should be finished by July 2009. I will keep you posted.

Okay for knitting news, it is Preemie Hat Month I knit 11 and did not take any pictures. But I do have two finished objects. First a Christmas Present for my brother in law's wife, in primary colors. She teaches Kindergarten so appropriate colors for her. The pattern was from the Sock Journal and is called Cobblestone Socks.
The picture on the left is a close up of the stitch pattern

I also finished a pair of socks for me out of the new Berocco Sox and I don't remember the colorway I think it is Liverpool.

I will keep you all posted about school and what little knitting I might get done.


Susan said...

there Louise! It is always a challenge to balance college with full time job. I so admire you for doing it. You may feel rusty at writing, but you are an interesting, articulate, well-informed person. I predict that voice will soon be heard in your writing.

Love the Berrocco yarn. I hope Joyce receives me 3 wee hats in time. Couldn't finish the fourth one in time.

Chris said...

Go, Louise! It is challenging working and going to school, but I think it definitely makes one more focused and able to use time more effectively.

Cute socks!