Sunday, March 30, 2008

Switzerland and School

So this is the big hill behind where we stayed in Switzerland and you know what is on the other side France. I don't ski but Bob and my brother in law Richard who do ski have been planning this once in a life time trip to ski.

So on Feb 1 we headed off to Switzerland to Portes du Soleil, or the doors to the sun for skiing. I had plenty of homework to do for school so I was busy. Did I forget to mention one of the joys of online classes they are portable and go anywhere with you. I also got a lot of knitting time in too but no pictures of what I worked on yet. We flew into Geneva and drove to Portes Du Soleil, on the way we dropped off my sister and spouse in Champoussin and continued on to Les Crosets. Les Crosets is literally at the end of the road you can go no further and the road is narrow and twisty and curvy and you are literally hanging on the side of the mountain. We spent a week there and unfortunately, Champoussin although only 4 miles away as the crow flies is hard to get to if you don't ski, so I did not see much of my sister that week, and then to top it off the bus that runs between the resorts had a reduced schedule due to school break.

However the two skiers saw each other everyday as it was really easy to ski between the two resorts.

Did we find yarn in Switzerland now that is a silly question of course we did, on the way out of the mountains we stopped in Geneva at two yarn stores both in the Carrouge Area of Geneva. One was called Tricolaine and they had some Swiss handspun, I resisted temptation and did not purchase any. The next shop was not far away and I believe it was called Le Rouet or something like that. There I purchased some yarn that is similar to Koigu for socks.

Did I forget to mention where I went everyday to do homework? I went to the bar Le Grange, it was the only place in Les Crosets where they had wireless that worked with my computer. I learned there are many levels of Coca Cola. One day I ordered a Coke and was asked which level, Coke original, coke light, coke zero, coke cerise ou coke limon. Yes they only spoke French, so at times it was interesting but I could at least for the most part order meals and find the rest room. I loved Switzerland and hope to go back some day.

Since we have been back I have finished two classes College Writing and Group Dynamics. College Writing was okay, I did get a good grade an "A" but I think the content could be directed more toward APA style which is what Concordia requires for every paper. Group Dynamics just finished last week and I am not sure how I did, I had one really bad week and it may have cost me the grade I wanted.

I also went on the semi annual convent knitting retreat and sorry to disappoint you no Chippendales showed up again this year. One of the spouse is sure we go to have a wild weekend of Chippendale dancers and who knows what else...In ac
tuality we sit around in jammies and knit all week end. Since then it has been pretty quiet just work and school and work and school.....

Let me leave you with one more shot of Portes du Soleil, the church in Les Crosets. It is about the size of my 8 X 8 kitchen.


Chris said...

Looks like a gorgeous place to get away to! Sounds like you are cranking away on school - good for you!! And I think you'll be able to pick up APA style just fine. :)

Jeanne said...

Well, at least you had some fun, as well as school. I had never thought of being able to do on-line classes while on vacation. I'm liking the idea better and better.

Susan said...

Hi, Adrianne tagged me so now I'm tagging you with a meme. If you are too busy with work and school and life, that's fine.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Hello Louise,

Are your still there? Still knitting and blogging and taking classes?

I am writing to you because I am alicatknits @ blogger. I think that is pretty interesting. Plus I knit, sorta obvious. Plus, I grew up in Wisconsin.

Hope things are well your way.


alt.ayu said...

hi Louise!

I thought I'd say hello to you and Happy Birthday to Nicholas! I hope you're doing fine and we miss you here on this sunny island! :) see you soon!