Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life looks better inside

So here is the scoop...both cats are indoor cats closest they get to outside is the porch. Well lately the minute Boo gets out to the porch he mews to come in. So today Alice was sitting on the table looking out (she doesn't go out too much anymore too cold for her) and Boo was looking in. Now the real story is that if they were both on one side of the glass they would never get this close. Alice would have taken Boo's eye out or at the least scratched him. I just thought this was cute and it is true when you are outside in Minnesota in January Life does look better on the inside.


Chris said...

Great picture!!

Jeanne said...

I would think that Boo's fur is think enough to protect him from a Minnesota cold snap. No matter how cold it is outside, Greta hides from me when I tell her it's time to come in off the porch. Pud isn't quite so hardy, but then she doesn't have her brother's long fur.