Monday, February 27, 2006

what next

Ok so with the Olympics over what am I going to knit next? Actually I am going to finish up some unfinished projects, socks for my niece, a felted bag and socks for me. I also am working on the Anthropologie shrug for Megan, the pattern can be found at

I am using Blue Sky Alpacas silk and cotton. Meanwhile I am planning in my mind what to start next maybe some socks from that lovely wool/tencel blend or maybe the Lily Chin socks. But first a new cat sweater for Alice in Lime Green to match her eyes.

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Chris said...

Heh, I'm having that post-Olympic Knitting indecision, too. I guess I need to get cracking on something for my niece or nephew, who'd due late March or early April! Plus finish the socks that will be a present for my pregnant sister-in-law...

Looking forward to seeing a picture of the lime green sweater matching Alice's eyes! I took some pictures of Chaos wearing a strawberry baby hat yesterday - very, very funny.