Tuesday, April 25, 2006


We are in search of a groomer, but so far Petsmart is the least expensive at $45 for a butt only cut and around $60 for a lion. The vet charges $120 for the lion cut but also puts the cat to sleep for it.

Yesterday I ended up giving Boo a butt cut, so maybe no groomer after all.

here is the perfect hiding place mom will never find me here

Oh no she found me, but mom I don't want a haircut

Boo is doing okay without Alice, he did not eat for about 3 days, and has become very needy. The needy/cuddly thing is okay if you don't mind being covered in Boo fur...

I am finished with my booklet for Yarnover just need to get it to Kinko's...good thing I save all my files and just need to pull them out and put them together.


Chris said...

Poor Boo... Maybe it'll help if you explain to him that you giving him a butt cut might save him from a lion cut!! :)

Chell said...

I will be at knitting tonight and Peewee and Wayde should probably be doing the dinner things with us too. Thanks for your comment! Peewee's doing just fine now and so is Mom!