Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Great Nephew

Ok so the doctor was wrong and my niece's baby showed up just about when she thought it should. She thought the end of April, but the Dr said no Middle of May and Nathaniel came last nite at 8:10pm. Here is a picture of Nathaniel and Dad Lyle. The whole family is doing well.

I personally have just one problem with his arrival, I did not start his sweater yet! I have been very indecisive about this because I wanted to make a sweater that Zips up the back like my mom used to make for gifts but was unable to find her pattern so here I have the yarn and no sweater!

I am thinking about a baby surprise jacket or maybe just a garter stitch sweater with some stripes the middle skein is varigated with the colors of the other two.

So lets talk about Boo, we have the old fashioned windows that you change each year. It has been nice, so we just open the ones to the porch to get some fresh air. Well Boo has decided that is how he should be going in and out all the time so he sits and mews until we open the windows, boy is he in for a surprise when the screens go on next week.

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Chris said...

Congrats to your niece and her husband!

There's a free pattern for such a sweater here.

Heh, hopefully Boo doesn't just push out the screens like my brother's cat does! They had to modify all the screens so Diablo couldn't push them out anymore.