Sunday, April 23, 2006

Yarn Over

I am currently working on my workshop for Yarn Over. What is Yarn Over you ask? It is the annual meeting for the Minnesota Knitters Guild. They have a keynote speaker, lunch and you can take half or whole day classes. I am teaching a class called "Lets Talk Socks" about different toes heels ribbings and sock toppers. I really enjoy yarn over and getting to meet the other teachers. So if posts are a little slow this week that is why.

If mom thinks I am getting a haircut she is in for a surprise!!!!!

Soon you will see a new Boo gracing these pages. Boo is going to the groomer sometime in the next two weeks. He will get a bath, and Perhaps a lion cut more to come... Keep watching for the new look of Boo


Chris said...

Sounds like a great class! I'll be in Neenah at the Midwest Master's this weekend instead of at Yarnover.

Oh, my, Boo getting a haircut - sounds very interesting!

How is Boo doing without Alice?

Jeanne said...

Ya...we are thinking about doing the same to Greta, but am afraid she'll never speak to us again. Where are you taking Boo for his gromming?

:L, Laura said...

Lovely picture of Boo! thanks again for your kindness in sending those gorgeous ruffled socks to help Jane with her chemo agony. blessings, :L

Chell said...

I hope Boo is still on speaking terms with you after you give him the haircut!

Have fun with your class. Not that you like socks or anything! ;-)