Tuesday, September 12, 2006

California on my mind and knitting too

A few months ago when I got the email from Full Thread Ahead announcing the Yarn Harlot Visit, I emailed my sister and said Lets Go. My sister emailed back she had already reserved her spot and I shoule reserve mine.

So the original plan for the weekend was to go to California the Yarn Harlot. Then all kinds of other activities got added. My great nephew's first birthday, sorry no pictures but it was fun. A picnic and sprinkler party, complete with a slip and slide. Then Vintage Santa Clara an alumni event at Santa Clara University, they have local wineries and restaurants come in with samples and as long as you have a wristband and a wine glass, you get food and wine. We tried lots of varieties of wines and really great food, I might have to go back next year for it.

Okay back to the Harlot, Hollis the owner of Full Thread Ahead, had it set up really well. She arranged with the city of Los Altos to close down the street behind the store for the speech. I did not get a good picture of the street, but Cookie of Pomatomus fame(she was in line just ahead of us for the signing) did. There were about 300 knitters for the book signing and more attended the speech. Hollis had a Concierge to answer questions about where to eat and what else there was to do in Los Altos and for the book signing she handed out signing passes like this one:

The Harlot's speech was great, she is just as funny in person as on her blog. One of the knitters I met was on the Sock Team USA with me and it turns out she is in my sisters Weds nite knitting group. After the speech we got books signed and pictures taken,

I promised Stephanie a good beer the next nite in Wisconsin, delivered by Chris and Jeanne. Thanks for the delivery. The other picture I took was Hollis presenting Stephanie with a gift basket from the store. Notice the Tiara on Hollis all of the staff with the exception of her husband wore them so they were easy to identify.

It was a fun weekend, but I do have some knitting news to post. I finished 2 pairs of socks
The one on the right is for my niece made from Trekking from Church Mouse Yarn and Teas, and the other is Cotton Fantasy by Meilenweit.
And finally an almost finished 3rd baby sweater, being inspected by Boo.
why do these needles taste so good?

Trust me it was really the needles they are Swallow Casein needles and he really likes them.


Jeanne said...

Looks like you had a good time. We left Ms. Yarnharlot a whole 6-pak, so hopefully she was able to relax a bit after.

Chris said...

Looks like fun - but you missed out on the Masonic Temple by going to CA!!

Secret Pal said...

It is so funny you came to FTA for the Yarn Harlot - I was there too!

Your Sockret Pal