Wednesday, September 06, 2006

State Fair Update

I picked up my state fair entries tonite and here are the results and some comments from the judges. Almost all the points I was missing were on workmanship, and all the items said beautiful knitting and got maximum points for technique.

My pink baby sweater got a 95 (the maximum for anything is 100 and first place is 99, I know because I had first place socks last year. Only the Grand Prize is 100) the missing 5 points were on workmanship, the judge did not like the ribbon ties thought I should use a clasp or frogs.

Next up my felted bag, 93 and they felt the top flared and the bottom was too loose of a circle. It was also moved to the same category as Jeannes wobbly tote which took 3rd place
Lot 345, Adult sweater, limited use, color pattern cardigan.

My socks, got a 95. The comment was need a better join and cast on, I think they thought they were top down socks and they were toe up.

Finally my little pink hat, it took 4th place and a pink ribbon, final finish and crown not pulled tight enough was the comment and it got 93 out of 100.

Oh well time to start planning for next year's entries.


Chris said...

Cute projects!!

Heh, they thought my socks were top-down, too - they said my kitchener stitch needed work because it was twisted, but that's just how my toe-up cast on works out!

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

I like your socks! Interesting comments too. The socks I entered (will be in a post later today on my blog) were toe-up too, but I didn't get any comments on that aspect. Next year... : )

Karen said...

Love your socks. What pattern is that?