Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Boo The Helper

So we all know that Boo likes to help but did we all realize just how much? The other nite I babysat my friends little one and Boo was certainly intrigued.

I am just checking on Gunnie, Mom he might need help with that toy

Then Later I found Boo doing this

I was not trying to get at his formula, I was searching for wet wipes for you mom, Gunnie smells funny

Finally on to knitting content, I am currently working on some beautiful red sockotta socks and came home to find this the other day

I think my helper was involved again.
Anyway back to knitting I am working on a baby sweater for Chell and Ana's knitalong and have decided that the designer's baby had a really small head because the hood is too small for any baby's head I know.

I also have some plans to make C3 from Knitty, Annie Modesitt was wearing it at Yarnover and it looks much better in person, than the knitty picture.


Chris said...

Naughty "helper"!

Kelly said...

Those kitties, mine certainly like to "help" as well.

Jeanne said... got the naughty one!