Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Gran Cats are coming

Megan and the grancats are coming this weekend. I am excited, but Uncle Boo seems uncconcerned.

Why should I worry I am the king of the house

Here are my newest socks, from Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy, featuring a spiral toe and the pattern is Springy Socks from Knoxknits designer Judy Sumner. As usual I changed the toe and probably will do a spiral replacement heel to match the toe.

Finally the rain stopped so I need to go outside at some point today and work in my garden. I am cleaning out some excess perennials in the front Bee Balm, Jacobs Ladder, Orange Day Lillies and Columbine. I need to go look at some new perennials to add to the garden then decide what to do with the window boxes and the back yard.


Chris said...

Spiral replacement heel sounds very funky.

Clarisse said...

This colorway is gorgeous! I've been wanting to make some cotton socks, now I have a brand to look into. Your kitty and his nieces are beautiful. I don't know where they came up with dogs being our best friends, even though we have a few, I'll take cats any day :)