Sunday, May 07, 2006

Boo is Alone

Ok so the excitement is over and the kitties are back with Megan's friend Lisa. Boo is all alone again. I think he likes being alone, he gets undivided attention and has a prime position for blog editing on the back of my chair. He especially likes to spin around.

I am participating in the Knitters Tea Swap and am looking forward to receiving a mystery package. I drink mostly herbal teas, and like any kind of yarn. Also I am putting a package together for my partner, I went to Mrs Kelly's Teas at the farmers market yesterday and picked up some tea now to just get the rest organized.

I have signed up at Michelle's Blog ( for the baby sweater knit along. It should be fun to see everyone's baby sweaters.


Chris said...

Does Boo get dizzy being spun around?!

trish said...

Glad to hear Boo is adjusting to both being 'top and only cat' AND having cat company. Those grandcats sure are cutie-pies.